Here are a selection of my videos. They cover some of the various projects I work on such as forgiveness, tree planting and the like. You can find my YouTube Channel here

Ocean Sounds for Sleep Black Screen (9 Hours).

174 hz Pain Relief 10 Hour | Waterfall Sounds + Solfeggio

Ocean Waves (3 Hour)

Stream Sounds for Relaxation | Natural White Noise

Newest: A Rule for Life: The One Hundred - Zero Rule



How to Forgive

How to Forgive Yourself

Love, Peace, Freedom Method

I Am Forgiveness Meditation

What is Forgiveness?

Tough Forgiveness

Why You Can't Forgive

Interview with Our Founder

Happiness and Success

Red Pill Rage to Gold Pill Glow

Value of a Man's Life



Is Romantic Love an Illusion?

Nobody Can Take This From You!

You Can Grow a Forest! Plant 500 Trees Per Hour.

How to Grow a Forest: Make a Rewilding Stick

Grow a Forest: Use a Rewilding Stick



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