Here are a selection of my videos. They cover some of the various projects I work on such as forgiveness, tree planting and the like. You can find my YouTube Channel here

Newest: A Rule for Life: The One Hundred - Zero Rule



How to Forgive

How to Forgive Yourself

Love, Peace, Freedom Method

I Am Forgiveness Meditation

What is Forgiveness?

Tough Forgiveness

Why You Can't Forgive

Interview with Our Founder

Happiness and Success

Red Pill Rage to Gold Pill Glow

Value of a Man's Life



Is Romantic Love an Illusion?

Nobody Can Take This From You!

You Can Grow a Forest! Plant 500 Trees Per Hour.

How to Grow a Forest: Make a Rewilding Stick

Grow a Forest: Use a Rewilding Stick



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