Wisdom and Forgiveness

Wisdom is, in part, our capacity to extract meaning and value from our experiences. The more capacity we have to extract meaning from an experience the more likely that we see ways it which good has or will come out of it. This makes naturally makes it easier to forgive. Wisdom is not an abstract . . . → Read More: Wisdom and Forgiveness

Blocks to Forgiveness: Be Wounded, or be Wise

If we don’t forgive we have lesions not lessons.

Do we want to stay wounded or do we want to be wise? We only gain in wisdom if we actually learn from our experiences. We are unlikely to gain any wisdom, or helpful insights, from an experience if all we have is a sense of . . . → Read More: Blocks to Forgiveness: Be Wounded, or be Wise

Fear is Wisdom as a Child.

As we allow our fears to be, we gain in wisdom. Our fears may be offering us important insights or information about a person or situation. It may be we think someone is alright, but a niggling sense of fear alerts us to some real dangers which we just did not see before. Rather than . . . → Read More: Fear is Wisdom as a Child.