Loneliness and Forgiveness

We feel most lonely when we are not a friend to ourselves. We feel most abandoned when we abandon ourselves. We feel most rejected when we reject ourselves.

Lack of forgiveness can isolate us from other people and create loneliness in our lives. If we have a store of unforgiven material it can make . . . → Read More: Loneliness and Forgiveness


Fear is wisdom as a child.

Forgiveness and reconciliation are two distinct and different things. Forgiveness is letting go of the desire to punish; reconciliation is the re-establishing of a relationship. They often go together and this causes some confusion between them. However, there are some very important difference between forgiveness and reconciliation: forgiveness is . . . → Read More: Reconciliation

Forgiveness: is it Really an Act of Power?

Should We See Forgiveness as an Act of Power?

We may wonder whether it is good or right to look at forgiveness as an act of power. Perhaps we think you should only forgive out of high-minded ideals, or that we should only forgive for benefit of others. The answer to this is to look . . . → Read More: Forgiveness: is it Really an Act of Power?