Relationship Games

When people say that they “don’t want games” in a relationship what they really mean is that they do not want sick games, stupid games or somebody messing with them. Trying to imagine a relationship without any ‘games’ at all is like trying to imagine a world without weather. It is just not possible. It . . . → Read More: Relationship Games

Relationship Games: Playing Hard to Get

Playing Hard to Get is a peculiar game. Does it work? Yes and no. If we look at what kinds of creatures most attract men and women; it is babies, puppies and kittens. Do any of these play hard to get? No they certainly do not. They just exude the charm that they have and . . . → Read More: Relationship Games: Playing Hard to Get

What do women want?

We have to be careful how we ask that age-old question if we really want an answer. The reason for this is that it might not actually be the right question. It really depends what we want to know. The problem with the question “What do women want?” is that it is very general and . . . → Read More: What do women want?