Chapter Three: The Conference

Then began a long conference First my companions laid out upon the ground a copy, as it were, of my stained and pitiful cloak. Each phase of my past life was divided into sections like the great pages of a loose-leaf file and, bending over them, starting from the end of my life and working . . . → Read More: Chapter Three: The Conference

Chapter Two: At the Gates

Falling on my knees, I bowed my head and said a prayer of thanksgiving. Then I rose up and looked upon the gates once more. Wonderingly, I watched a curious change take place in them. Each rail of which the gates were composed, began to shine still more brightly, and then to glow with many . . . → Read More: Chapter Two: At the Gates

Angel Meditation

A very important thing to know about angels is that they do not usually intervene in our lives unless they are asked. If we want angelic help with any part of our life we need to ask. It does not matter if the issue is big, or small. It is the angels great joy to . . . → Read More: Angel Meditation