Afterlife Adventure – Intro

I first got seriously interested in the afterlife when in my late teens early twenties I discovered that my Great Uncle had a large stack of books from Psychic Press Book Club. Many of these books had stories about people’s experiences in the afterlife. Some of the material was communicated via mediums, some through “automatic . . . → Read More: Afterlife Adventure – Intro

I Help Richard (to aid a woman who longs to have a child)

On my way back to the Hall of Reception I was called aside by another of the Purple-Gowned. He was a young fellow, slim and fair. Looking into his eyes, I knew that he had known little of earth-life. His glance held that serene, clear look which one sees in that of a very young . . . → Read More: I Help Richard (to aid a woman who longs to have a child)

Heaven is Fulfilment

My next charge was leaning against a rock when I reached her side. She was a young girl, pale of skin, but wiry and graceful; and she made as pretty a picture in her loose white robe as the trees behind her. I approached her cautiously for she seemed lost in thought. When I knew . . . → Read More: Heaven is Fulfilment

New Arrivals

The news reached me and many others of the Purple-Gowned, that a number of people had suddenly died, and would soon arrive in the Hall of Reception. I knew that I must go to help in the welcoming of them.

At first I wondered why this should be, as angels usually performed this service. Then, . . . → Read More: New Arrivals