In the previous article we looked at how low Self Worth can be very damaging to our capacity to create what we want in life. It causes a feeling of being unworthy which can block good things coming our way – in every aspect of life.

The approach necessary to create more Self Worth can be feel awkward, embarrassing and challenging as it means facing the lesser known parts of ourselves. The irony is that the lower our Self Worth the more embarrassing and challenging facing the issues causing it can seem. The reasons for this go deep because dealing with Self Worth issues can touch parts of ourselves where we feel the most exposed and the most vulnerable. However, this also means that when we do deal with Self Worth issues the changes which occur in our lives – even from basic and very simple efforts in this direction – can be deep and profound.

When we raise our Self Worth we can allow ourselves to really enjoy what is good in life as we feel worthy of it. When we allow ourselves to enjoy things we naturally feel more gratitude for them and can then attract more good things. When we raise our Self Worth we feel inwardly  nourished. We need less from others and feel less “needy”. We feel we have more and so we have more to give. One time I was doing a practice to increase my Self Worth it was my as my life shifted from being black and white TV program to vivid full color. Everything looked different.

Even our spiritual development is enhanced when we raise our Self Worth. Awareness techniques such as Vipassana, “witnessing”, and “mindfulness” are much more effective when our awareness is a loving awareness. If we witness our thoughts with a kindly and caring attitude, profound healing is much likely than if we witness our thoughts with a cold, detached awareness.

Often the simplest methods for healing Self Worth are the best. Written affirmations, as offered by the likes of Sondra Ray, work well. One example is to divide a sheet of paper vertically. On one column write an affirmation and on the other column write whatever response comes up. Affirmations such as “I am fine exactly as I am”, “I am totally lovable”, “I am a beautiful person” can all help surface and release anything lurking underneath that’s pulling down our Self Worth.

It is best to use the right form of affirmation. Whereas affirmations for more Self Confidence would take the form; “I can do it.”, “I know what to do.”, etc. Affirmations for more Self Worth take the form; “I am deserve…”, “I am good enough”, “I am worthy of…” and the like.

Other methods, such as rubbing our belly in a circular motion when we feel stressed or upset can calm down our nervous system and affirm our “okay-ness” at the same time. Another technique is to lay on one side put one hand on the back of the neck and the other on the belly and gently affirm “The universe loves me” or something along those lines.

Having healthy levels of Self Worth is vitally important for balancing our Esteem Engine and generating the levels of Self Esteem we need to live a life which is fulfilling on all levels.