It is Better to be Free than Cheap

I imagine most people get what I mean right away with this one. It is better to have to choose freedom than to cheaper ourselves by accepting something less than what we really, deeply want. Of course, sometimes we find there that there are stepping stones along the way to where we want to be. In such cases, we need to take each step in order to reach our ultimate goal, so such a choice does not cheapen us. This saying has more to do with choices which don’t really go anywhere and feel like a poor second-best, or worse.

What I’m saying in this one, by using a play on free words ‘free’ and ‘cheap’, is that sometimes a not commiting ourselves to something which is on offer, and chosing to remain free, is sometimes the better choice. This is especially true if we would feel cheapened by something which is temporarily the main choice available. It may will be better to not wait and see what else comes along later and not be hurried into a bad choice.