Global Forgiveness Initiative

This is a project to promote how to forgive in multiple languages. It is genuinely a global project as most of the web traffic is from non-English speaking countries. I’m the founder and Chairperson of the board of Trustees for the charity. 

Seed Planting Stick

My home country, Scotland, has lost many of it’s trees and much of its original forest. I wondered if it would be possible to put, say, 1,000 tree seeds into the ground while out walking for a few hours. This is an idea I had about how to convert a walking stick into a seed planting stick. It works fairly well for a wide variety of seeds whether trees, bushes, or plants of varous kinds. I’m sure others can improve on the idea and make it even more effective.

If you make one please use it responsibly and get permission if it is not your own land.  One method is to gather seeds from trees, bushes and plants within an area and then help them to find their way into the soil in that area by using a seed planting stick. Keep in mind that reforestation is not all about trees. Anything which supports insect life, also supports animal life and bird life, which in turn help trees to spread and to become established. Therefore it might be better to focus on quick-growing bushes, and other plants, which help to restore an area and create a better situation for trees to flourish later.