Writing is a dance with the soul. It is not meant to be a grim, determined march to the tune of the ego.

When we dance with the soul we do not know where our partner will lead. Sometimes we may not even know who is leading. We are not in control, or at least not in complete control. Writing this way is fun, colorful, and deeply meaningful. It flows from one moment to the next and takes us in unexpected directions – if we let it.

When we write in this way we learn from what we write. We find ourselves having a download from the cosmos. We do not write because of what we know; we write because of what we want to know. Such writing deepens our own understanding of the topic at hand as we write about it.

At such times we do not write as ‘an expert’; we write as a beginner. We write with eyes, ears and heart open to newness and freshness.

New insights, ideas and information flash into our minds. We find ourselves in a state of wonder. New realizations plop down into our heads; “I never thought if it that way!”. “What a good idea!”, and so on, become commonplace as a bigger and deeper perspective dawns on us.

We happily rush to write down the ideas so that we can share them. Later comes the fiddly bit of editing the words into something more coherent and structured. But, in the beginning, the main thing is to follow the urge and capture the flavor of the juicy fruits we are being given.

A book may start as a grim, determined march to the tune of the ego or it may end up that way. When Karl Marx was writing *** he would refer to it as, “That Bastard Book”. This maybe tells us where much of book came from. Perhaps if Mr Marx had danced with his soul a bit more he would have offered something different to the world. He would still have captured the essence of what he wanted to offer, yet it would have been cast in a very different light – or just more light.

Whether in life or in writing, in each moment we chose between “the dance” and “the grim, determined march”. Perhaps life itself can be a dance with the soul.