The success formula is simply a formula which we can use to achieve success. It is a way to go about getting what we want which helps ensure that we get it. Using the success formula we are able to see an blocks or hindrances to achieving our goals. We are able to see if there is somethings holding us back or blocking our success.

We can look at the Success Formula either as simply a practical tool for achieving our goals; or, if we prefer, we can see it as part of how we work with the Law of Attraction or the Laws of Manifestation.  The success formula helps us understand the various stages we need to go through achieve a goal. It takes us all the way from making a commitment to a goal to achieving that goal. The whole process may happen very quickly and in many cases some of the steps will happen automatically. However, it does help to know the various steps so we can use them as a check list.

The Success Formula involves two processes which run in parallel. One process focuses on goal or outcome; the other processes focuses in any inner changes we need to make to achieve that goal. We can call these the Goal Process and the Inner Change process. These two processes work together as we need both. The Goal process helps us keep on target with the specifics of what we want; the Inner Change process helps us have the attitude and beliefs to achieve our goals.

The Goal Process

Step 1. Commitment or Intention.

This is where we make a commitment and say ‘yes’ to a goal or outcome.

Step 2. Ideas and inspiration.

Having made a commitment we will find that ideas and inspiration will come to us to how to go about making it happen.

Step 3. Deliberation

This is where we think and feel our way through various ideas and weigh up the pros and cons to decide the best way to go forward. Feelings and intuition, of course, may play a big part in this.

Step 4. Action.

We take action based.

Step 5.  Evaluate Results

We evaluate the results of our action and make changes as necessary. This cause us to go back to any the earlier stages. It can also cause is to get feel stuck if things did not go as well as we hoped.

Step 6. Goal

We have reached our goal!

The Inner Change process.

What we do with the Inner Change process comes out of whatever resitance or negativity we notice inside ourselves with the respect to moving forward with the Goal Process. The things we need to do in the Inner Change process will depend on where we get stuck in the Goal Process.