In step 3 of the Success Formula we begin to crystallize the various ideas we have had into a specific plan of action. We know where we want to go, and we know we want to go there, now we begin to clarify how we are going to go about it. We do not need to know all the steps we are going to take; we just need to know what the next one is.

The Goal Process and the Inner Change Process.

As part of our process of moving towards our goals we may create a broad plan and then we then fill in the details later; or we it may be we prefer to have detailed plan before we go ahead.  The main challenge is to avoid both the extreme of charging on ahead too soon and the other extreme of too much deliberation and not enough action.This is where the Inner Change process part of The Success Formula comes in. We may need to engage in a Inner Change to allow ourselves to move to the next step, which is Action, in the best way.

If we let our impatience lead us into charging on ahead before thinking things through properly we can end up expending our resources too soon. On the other hand if we get fearful and procrastinate by wanting to know all the answers to all possible problems before taking any action at all, we will be stuck as some answers will only come when we have taken action. We can only see round the corner when we walk up to it.

We therefor have two processes going on. We evaluate our ideas and the potential opportunities and any problems which accompany them; and we evaluate our feelings, attitudes, and moods to see if there is any strong passion which will help move us forward or strong feelings of resistance which might get in the way.

The Goal Process

We need to evaluate as best we can our ideas and pick the ones which seem the most likely to work. We can check things out with friends, colleagues and a wise mentor (if we have one). Intuition and gut feelings can come into play here. Also what may intervene is meeting just the right person to help us, or that the right situation has popped up. We need to check out that they really are the right person and it really is the right situation (and not just trust that coincidence is enough) but such things are usually a very good sign that we are on the right track.

The Inner Change Process.

Once we have got some sense of priorities, based on what seems right and what are low-risk ways of getting started,  we can get into action – provided we have at least done a quick scan or ourselves to see if we need to undertake an Inner Change process. We may find that we are fearful for some reason, and looking deeper may find that we fear success, or that we feel unworthy. If so then we need to actively work on releasing those feelings and beliefs so that they will not get in the way.

By managing outer blocks and inner blocks to our success we increase our chances by a large magnitude.