When we move towards a particular goal it may come easily or we may find ourselves feeling stuck in one of the steps along the way. This is why in the The Success Formula we have a parallel process which helps us notice and manage any blocks or resistances which arise within us on the way.

Moving towards any goal can bring up both inner and outer challenges. It is vital to be have a way of handling both. The various steps in the Goal Process in The Success Formula help us deal with the outer challenges; The Inner Change Process helps us deal with our inner challenges.

As we move towards our goal doubts, fears, and anxieties may arise. Negative feelings of unworthiness or feeling undeserving may come up. It may be tempting to just suppress these feeling, such as in a flurry of positive thinking, but that does not really help. Suppressing negative feelings just causes them to come out in other ways and may block our efforts at success.

It is important to know that our feelings are paramount to creating what we want in life. Our feeling come across in our body language, tone of voice, in our behavior, and so on. If we are carrying around strongly negative feelings we may miss a golden opportunity which comes our way as we may just not see it. Our negative feelings may cause us to see it as a problem rather than an opportunity. They will ‘darken’ our perspective so things will look greyer or mistier. We might not see a path we could go on because of the fog of our own feelings.

If we believe in things like the Law of Attraction, the Laws of Vibration or the Laws of Manifestation, then we would regard our feelings as the very things which determine our level of vibration. We would see negative feelings as a low level of vibration and will want to raise them.  We cannot raise the level of our feelings by suppression them. We can only raise our level by healing and resolving negative emotions and the beliefs and attitudes which support them.

Particular steps in the Goal Process of the Success Formula may bring up particular types of negative feelings. For example fear may come up when we go to, Step 4: Action. As we decide to move forward into action this is one of the types when things could start to feel scary and our doubts and fears may come up. This is normal and natural and often the only thing to do is to have a quick that things look alright, then go ahead. Sometimes just taking action will dissolve those feelings. Action is often a lot less scary after we take our first steps.

However, if as well as our normal doubts and fears we notice strong feelings of not being worthy, or feeling guilty and undeserving then we need to look deeper and resolve these so that they do not get in the way.

Another stage which can bring up strong feelings is, Step 5:  Evaluate Results. This is where we look at what results we got from our initial action. If we do not get the results we wanted we may need to adjust and make changes. Very few things work out perfectly first time. If we are not familiar with the idea, that making adjustments as we go along is a natural part of success, we may overreact and feel that our relatively minor success was a failure. We may even feel deeply dissapointed and that we are some kind of failure just because it did not all magically work out in our first attempt.

We might have a wave of feeling along the lines of, life is against us, life is not fair, and so on. This is just part of what we need to deal with to succeed. Dealing with self-doubt, self-negation, and doubts about the fairness of life are all part of the path to success. Everyone has to deal with these to a greater or lesser extent, so why should we be any different?

If we read the life story of any successful person (the real story; not the Corporate Publish Relations story) we will find that they tried and tried again, before they won through. They often had to overcome seemingly impossible odds, deal with repeated failures, and so on.

Negative feelings can come up at any time, so it is good to watch ourselves and notice what feelings and moods are going on inside us.

As we face the possibility of success anything in our background which stands in the way will come up to be resolved. Beliefs we took on from others such as parents, teachers and siblings, the likely views of people we admire, and so on. If we did not grow up in an environment where the nature of success was understood and passed on to us, we will very likely have inherited beliefs and attitudes which will get in the way. These are almost certain to arise as we move forward to success and we need tools and techniques to deal with them.