Having made at least a tentative commitment to a something, we will probably find that ideas and inspiration will come to us to how to go about making it happen. Some of these ideas will be workable and some will be unworkable or even ridiculous. Even if an idea seem ridiculous it is important to not reject it completely as it may lead to a better idea.

It helps if we create a happy and friendly relationship with the part of ourselves which come up with ideas. If we are overly critical and blast it with heavy judgments, like “What a stupid idea!”, when it comes up with something we don’t like then it might not be so forthcoming next time we want ideas.

For an important project or plan make notes of any ideas you get no matter how bizarre. In being a bit playful with our creative self we get better results in the long run. An idea which seems useless, or absurd, on its own may link into another idea and together the two ideas make create something which works really well.

As we gather ideas and create a plan which seem workable we may find our commitment or intention becoming stronger as we get a growing sense of, “Yes, this will work.”. We may have actually been holding back from fully committing till we can see how workable it is.

At this, or at any stage in the process, we may find ourselves bumping into people who can help us, or we find just the right book, find an article which give us information we need, and so on.