In ancient times a man was pushing a hand cart along a track when it got stuck in deep mud. He pushed and pushed for a long time, but he could not get his hand cart out of the mud. He was getting very angry and frustrated at how impossible it was to push the cart. After a while he thought to himself, “There is no point me getting so bothered I need to find a way to get help”.

He stepped back and looked around. He noticed a woman with an ox working in a nearby field, so he shouted and waved at her and she came over.

The woman with the ox immediately saw the problem, tied her ox to the hand cart and quickly and easily pulled the hand cart out of the mud.

What has this got to you and me?

The “hand cart” is what we take with us through life and the “track” in our path in this life. The “ox” is a strong inner drive (examples, “I want to lose weight”,  “I want to help other people”). This inner drive can easily pull us out of the “mud” (difficulties) when we take a little time to “tie” it to a problem we are dealing with.

When we use our thinking to connect a strong inner drive with the solution to an unhappy situation the solution often comes quickly and easily, no matter how difficult the problem and no matter how long we have felt stuck. This is because we are bringing in a solution that is at a higher level than the problem.

If you feel stuck wresting with a personal problem where you just can’t seem to get anywhere. Step back from it and look around to see if there is something in your life you can hitch it on to.

For example, losing weight – and keeping it of – is easier of you cultivate a very strong drive of “wanting to be fit and healthy”. The idea is not so much to think about “wanting to lose weight” but to cultivate more and more a drive to get your body onto a state of health and vitality. Then when you see a queue outside and ice-cream shop on a sunny day, you are more likely to say to yourself. “Yes I want that ice-cream, but I want to be fit and healthy even more.” and because that is true for you it becomes easy to walk away and be happy about it.

Similarly if you feel stuck with a personal issue, say, with money issues. See if you can hitch it to an inner drive. For example if you have an inner drive, or are happy to cultivate one, along the lines of, “I really want to help people.” See if you can hitch it to the money issues (or whatever the issue is). When you start to think (and mean it) “I am now resolving my money issues as I really want more of it to help other people”. That way a big strong powerful part of you begins to push away any obstacles and pull you out of where you have been stuck, so that you quickly and easily create a better money situation.

In other words, you’ll be quickly out of the mud and on your way again…