As we allow our fears to be, we gain in wisdom. Our fears may be offering us important insights or information about a person or situation. It may be we think someone is alright, but a niggling sense of fear alerts us to some real dangers which we just did not see before. Rather than seeing fear as a spoiler trying to ruin our good mood, we can see it as an Alert System which we need to learn to handle. Fear is our friend; not our enemy.

Of course, sometimes our fears are unfounded. They are sometimes based on what could go wrong rather than what will go wrong. We learn the difference by being considering our fears not by avoiding them. By looking honestly at our fear and thinking clearly about the chances of them becoming real we create a conscious relationship with that part of ourselves. In this way we grow in wisdom as the instinctive insights of fear become transformed into the insights of wise experience. Then we can choose our actions, or the timing of them, more wisely.

Maybe our fear is showing us that we need to modify our plans a little. We could still go ahead, but do things a little bit differently – with a bit less risk.

We need fear to keep us alive till we can gain wisdom. That is the job of fear: to help make sure we survive long enough that we can learn to be smarter and wiser. Perhaps we have set up a pattern inside us which causes part of us to panic because we habitually ignore its warnings. Maybe It is not panic that’s the problem; it could be the dumb way we are handling our life that’s the problem.

We do not run from fear, nor let it run our life. We thereby grow in being able to handle others and to handle life. In other words, we grow in wisdom. As we grow in wisdom we learn to be less fearful. We have taken on board the wide variety of possibilities in an experience. We have a sense of knowing and of familiarity which diminishes fear.

The insights which fear offers are then replaced by the insights of wisdom. In this way fear grows into wisdom.