Forgiveness gives us the power to choose how things affect us.

We tend to think of forgiveness as a good, kind or loving thing to do. We do not usually think of forgiveness as a powerful thing to do. However forgiveness is enormously empowering. In some ways forgiveness is the ultimate act of power as it offers us the chance to be achieve complete freedom from being a victim. Forgiveness allows us to choose the way in which our experiences shape our attitudes, beliefs and our character. It liberates us from the tyranny of being dependent on the attitudes and the actions of others. It allows us to self determine our state of mind, emotions and attitude and offers us a real and genuine power in our lives.

Forgiveness enables us to change what could have been a negative experience into a positive one. It allows to transform situations which could have harmed us into something which makes us stronger and happier.  Forgiveness allows us to take the sting out of events which otherwise could have wounded us deeply.

As we practise forgiveness we become less prone to fear and guilt. Fear and guilt are the usual methods of those who would attempt to manipulate us so we become less prone to being manipulated. We become more at peace with ourselves and more willing to support others in being happy and at peace too. Even those who seem to have a lot of power over us, suddenly have no real power over us when we can truly forgive.