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The Divine Promises Chart: Affirmation Exercise

In this “chart” Bernard offers us a way to understand the divine promises and use an exercise to improve our feeling of being connected with God, through affirming the presence of the Christ. – William

The “Divine Promises” have been puzzling thinking people throughout the ages. For while . . . → Read More: The Divine Promises Chart: Affirmation Exercise

The Glass Marble Chart: Thought Building Exercise

As the title reveals, you will need a glass marble for this thought building exercise. You may happen to already possess one of the old-type marbles – they have colourful centres usually arranged in a spiral pattern. Any marble will do (or even a nut or bead which is a similar shape) but if you . . . → Read More: The Glass Marble Chart: Thought Building Exercise

Over the Rim

We spent the journey in meditation, feeling that a preparation of quietness and peace was essential. The drifting ease and blankness of the void, and the blue light made stillness simple. As we sped on our way without apparent movement, our minds were each turned inward to the Master, who at once supported and communed . . . → Read More: Over the Rim

The Falling of the Pink Chestnut Blossoms

Far away we heard the sound of trumpets. At once there was movement everywhere. We leapt to our feet and hurried out to the green. All around us, people were doing the same, and without any words, each seemed to know his appointed place. Swiftly the crowds formed two long ranks, the children in the . . . → Read More: The Falling of the Pink Chestnut Blossoms

What we taught Rose

“What a delightful place,” Rose sighed, looking round our house. “The comfort of it!”

“See how simple it is,” Janet said. “On earth, people complicate life so much. Here, with a place to rest, fruit to eat and all the land to roam in, one can be completely happy.”

“I almost wish I could stay,” . . . → Read More: What we taught Rose

We Entertain a Guest

Janet and I gasped simultaneously.

“On the sea!” I echoed, “but I thought you said she came from earth? How can she have such powers?”

“Does a soap-bubble have ‘powers’ when it rises higher than a man can jump?” he retorted, and added, when he saw my puzzlement, “Of course she would have ‘powers’ if . . . → Read More: We Entertain a Guest

We Take a House

I was particularly pleased with our coming visit for I had long had a plan in my mind for acquiring one of the houses in the Plane Between. Remembering the happiness of Stephen and James there, I thought that Janet and I could perhaps secure a house nearby. The mother, whose name was Doris, was . . . → Read More: We Take a House

The Hall of Sleep

On our way we talked together. I asked Janet if she had been to the Hall of Sleep before, and she said she had served there for some time. Of course, I wanted details.

“How is it that some newcomers need sleep when they arrive and others do not?”

“Some have laboured for many years . . . → Read More: The Hall of Sleep

The First Star

The hall was peopled with angels who acted as guides, and as we approached, one came to us at once and motioned us to follow. We were led to a large group of the Purple-Gowned and there was immediately a great number of introductions between us. Very soon my shoulder felt quite stiff with all . . . → Read More: The First Star

The Hall of Audience

The return journey was very different from that on which I had come. This time I knew where I was and the reason for it. Also, I had the company of Janet, Stephen and James. As we raced along through the void, soothed by its strange blue light, I felt as though we were on . . . → Read More: The Hall of Audience