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Stuck in a “bad marriage” with yourself?

Everything you say to yourself, you also say to the divine life within you.

The tone of the day, and the whole shape of your life, shows up in how you think about yourself when you look in the mirror first thing in the morning. This is when any tendency to judge, blame, criticise, or . . . → Read More: Stuck in a “bad marriage” with yourself?

Making Connection: Eye Contact II

I got a fun and interesting response to the article about eye contact, so I have posted it below for you to enjoy…

— Ah! One of my favorite topics; eye contact. This is yet another area that affects the genders somewhat differently, though I absolutely concur with the overall power of eye contact. (At . . . → Read More: Making Connection: Eye Contact II

Overcoming Shyness

It can seem like such a minor thing to label something as ‘shyness’. It makes it sound like it is no big deal. However, if we look at the missed opportunities and the loneliness and isolation that can come from shyness we can see that it is no minor thing. Shyness is a big and . . . → Read More: Overcoming Shyness

Nice Guy Syndrome: How to Help Yourself

How can Nice Guys (guys with Nice Guy Syndrome) help themselves?

If a Nice Guy wants to reform he could start asking his women friends (he usually has many) what they really like about their boyfriends (or their previous boyfriends), especially if he has mostly heard a long series of complaints for a while. This . . . → Read More: Nice Guy Syndrome: How to Help Yourself

Nice Guy Syndrome: How Women can Help

How women can help nice guys: Nice Guys (by this I mean a man stuck in Nice Guy Syndrome: having women as friends but not able to find a lover) often experience what looks like conflicting information from women.

Nice Guys tend to get very conflicting input about ‘maleness’ and the the best ways for . . . → Read More: Nice Guy Syndrome: How Women can Help

Nice Guy Syndrome

To get the relationship you want: stop being such a nice guy!

There is a very self-defeating pattern of behavior which some men get locked into. Any man who happens to suffer from it finds it very difficult to establish a romantic relationship with a woman. I like to call this behavior Nice Guy Syndrome. . . . → Read More: Nice Guy Syndrome

Relationship Games

When people say that they “don’t want games” in a relationship what they really mean is that they do not want sick games, stupid games or somebody messing with them. Trying to imagine a relationship without any ‘games’ at all is like trying to imagine a world without weather. It is just not possible. It . . . → Read More: Relationship Games

Relationship Games: Playing Hard to Get

Playing Hard to Get is a peculiar game. Does it work? Yes and no. If we look at what kinds of creatures most attract men and women; it is babies, puppies and kittens. Do any of these play hard to get? No they certainly do not. They just exude the charm that they have and . . . → Read More: Relationship Games: Playing Hard to Get

What do women want?

We have to be careful how we ask that age-old question if we really want an answer. The reason for this is that it might not actually be the right question. It really depends what we want to know. The problem with the question “What do women want?” is that it is very general and . . . → Read More: What do women want?

What is it to be a Healthy Man?

Now that is an interesting question. We can reasonably assume that a healthy man will naturally attract healthy women. However, as men we want to be healthy anyway aside from what women want (or don’t want).

We don’t want to live life just to suit other people at least certainly not to the . . . → Read More: What is it to be a Healthy Man?