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Man with a Hand Cart

In ancient times a man was pushing a hand cart along a track when it got stuck in deep mud. He pushed and pushed for a long time, but he could not get his hand cart out of the mud. He was getting very angry and frustrated at how impossible it was to push the . . . → Read More: Man with a Hand Cart

Happy Habits

Happy habits is based on the simple idea of using our innate ability to bless to help us break out of habits of unhappy thinking and feeling. We simply replaces habits, of negativity, regret, worry and anger with a habit of blessing. There are three main happy habits: 1. Bless People. every time you think . . . → Read More: Happy Habits

Stuck in a “bad marriage” with yourself?

Everything you say to yourself, you also say to the divine life within you.

The tone of the day, and the whole shape of your life, shows up in how you think about yourself when you look in the mirror first thing in the morning. This is when any tendency to judge, blame, criticise, or . . . → Read More: Stuck in a “bad marriage” with yourself?

Making Connection: Eye Contact

A lot of the skills we need in connecting with others can be developed as we go about the ordinary business of our daily lives.

It is well known, for example, that eye contact is one the main ways that connection and attraction is felt between people. Good eye contact generates a kind of electricity . . . → Read More: Making Connection: Eye Contact

Keys to Self Empowerment: Self Worth

Self Worth, as I like to define it, is the sense of value we have for our own self. Self Worth is really about how much we like ourselves, and comes from feeling good about ourselves in a way which is fairly independent of what we do and how successful we are in the eyes . . . → Read More: Keys to Self Empowerment: Self Worth

Keys to Self Empowerment: Clarity

In looking for ways to describe human nature, and of understanding ourselves better, we use terms like Self Esteem, Self Worth and Self Confidence. The problem with these terms is that if we look at what they actually mean we find that they are often left undefined (even in heavy tomes on psychology) or defined . . . → Read More: Keys to Self Empowerment: Clarity