Forgiveness Is Power:

A User’s Guide To Why And How To Forgive

This edition of Forgiveness is Power is published in India by Vikas Publishing.

Do you find forgiveness difficult? Would you like to be more forgiving? Then this inspiring, practical book has been written for you…

This accessible guide explains why it makes sense to let go of grievances instead of staying stuck in an unforgiving place. Insights, ideas and exercises invite you to transform your unresolved issues. Explaining what forgiveness is and how to deal with obstacles to it, the book shows you how to create better relationships with others and with yourself. You do not need to commit to any religious practice or philosophy; this book simply shows how to forgive in order to enhance your self-esteem, break free from limitations and become a happier person.

Forgiveness can help you radically and dramatically change your life for the better. Through the unique Four Steps to Forgiveness exercise that the author offers you can experience this for yourself. Get ready to move on with the rest of your life!

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“Through the unique exercises that William offers, you can experience this for yourself.” –

“Using four simple steps to guide us through the process, this author demonstrates with conviction that forgiveness is positively empowering for us all, as it releases blocks to joy and peace in every area of our lives. – Cygnus Review.

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William Fergus Martin
ISBN: 9789325975170
208 pages
Book 225.00