Afterlife Adventures

Real stories from real people in the HereafterAfterlife Adventures lets you compare different people’s experiences from the Afterlife.

  • Is there life after death?
  • Is there proof?
  • What is it like to die?
  • What really happens in Heaven?

In this book you can compare different people’s accounts of what it was like for them to ‘die’, what happened to them next, and what happened after that… The Afterlife stories include people who passed over from a heart attack, from an accident, from a long illness, in a battle zone and so on.

Afterlife Adventures includes a whole chapter, When a Child ‘Dies’, dedicated to the heart-rending issue of what happens when a child passes over. This includes poignant messages from children who have been able to come back and tell their parents about their experience. You will discover why parents of children who ‘die’ before they were born are in for a big surprise when they pass over (hint: life starts at conception and the child continues to mature in the Afterlife).

Get tips on being prepared for the move over there in the chapter: How to Have a Good Afterlife. Get to know about the ‘nitty gritty’ of the practical realities of the Afterlife. Understand why some people find it hard at first to believe that they have actually ‘died’ – as passing over was so easy. One man was so busy chatting away to his gardener that he did not even notice that he had ‘died’ till he saw that the gardener was panicking about something. He looked down and was bemused to see his own body lying on the ground. He started to wonder, “Am I dead?” and then saw his long-missed mother there to welcome him with open arms.

Be reassured as to why the average person has a far better experience in the Afterlife than on Earth. Learn how the religious idea of a ‘Judgment Day’ is really a metaphor for the Law of Attraction as it works out in the Afterlife realms. You will also discover why there is no such thing as ‘eternal punishment’ and that the path of progress and evolution is open to everyone.

Explore ideas about what people actually ‘do’ in the Afterlife and why you don’t have to float around on a cloud and get bored. We also look at big questions such as how Afterlifers (people in the Afterlife) experience God, the role of important religious figures in the Afterlife and issues such as what causes some people to become Earth Bound and how to help them.

The chapter on Reincarnation and Rebirth offers thought-provoking ideas that give a very different slant on this fascinating topic. We explore how connecting with a Group Soul allows us to fully experience an ‘incarnation’ without having to actually incarnate.

_Afterlife Adventures _only asks you to have an open mind and explore what people have to say about their own passing over. Why not replace superstition with facts; replace ignorance with practical information; replace grief with hope and comfort; and replace fear and dread with love and wonder?

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