Was watching a TV program in my hotel room in Tokyo last night (still a bit of earthquake activity going on but not too bad) and saw this program about easy cures for mozzie bites. Rubbing salt on them turned out to be the most effective way to treat them – out of the ones shown on this program.

The hapless presenter stuck his arm in a box with a couple of hundred Mosquitos and after being bitten he would pull his arm out of the box and try different treatments. Each time he got bitten he tried a different remedy. He tried, heating the bite (carefully) with end of cigarette, cooling with ice and rubbing salt on it. He gave the best score (5 out of 5) to salt. My girlfriend tried it last night and said it worked great.

I usually use Afterbite or similar along with one of those Aspivenin suction pump things (or similar) usually to great effect. However, I have resorted to covering bites with sticky tape to help reduce the itch (and to stop me damaging myself through stratching) if I don’t catch it early enough.

However, It is good to have another remedy option which is usually fairly easy to come by anywhere so I will try the salt option.

BTW, salt absorbs moisture and it antiseptic maybe it works by absorbing the mozzie spittle (which causes the irritation) and killing germs at the same time.