At first I was a bit horrified today to see a newsletter by an investment adviser which seemed to be about how to make money from the crises in Japan. However, when I looked deeper I was relieved to see that it was nothing like as hardhearted as that. It is was more about the financial crises caused by the problems in Japan and how these might cause problems in the global economy. It went on to look at how people can protect their investments (rather than being about making money out other people’s pain).

After all, it’s one thing to make money out a of business opportunity; its another to try and make money from a humanitarian crises. I would hope that the latter would seem a step too far to most of us.

I had a look on Google to see what comes up for “japan earthquake money” and found that the vast majority of links are about how to donate and how to help rather than make money from the crises. That is reassuring. It gives hope for human nature to see how much the social network is being used for good.

One of my favourites links is an excellent list of ways to help:

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami: 7 Simple Ways to Help

The way that financial markets are interlinked is a good reminder that we are all linked as a human family. If Japan’s stockmarket suffers so does the USA, UK and the rest of the world. Perhaps one of the reasons that economies in the West were not more damaged by the problems of 2008 onwards is because it is was not really in any other countries interest to take advantage. Any country which tried to damage another countries economy would have its economy negatively affected too.

The economies of the world are now so interlinked that it is sometimes hard to know what is driving what. That this interlinking is not dependent on just one country only becomes really obvious when something of large importance happens to a particular country and we see that the other economies of the world are also affected at the same time. Then something happens in another country and we again see just about all the other world economies being affected.

Perhaps we can look beyond the disaster and the crises going on in Japan and look to what unites us all with the people of that country. Their fortitude and calmness in the face of a horrendous situation is a source of inspiration to many of us. The goodness inherent in the human spirit is shinning through them, just as it is shinning in those in the finance sector who see this as an opportunity to express compassion and to give money; rather than as an opportunity to be greedy and to make money.