I wonder if I am becoming some kind of ego maniac. Let me explain…

It all started when I was writing the book Forgiveness is Power. I sent the draft copy off to some people for comment and the feedback was, “William, you need to put more of your personal self into your book and write your own story.”

Fair enough, I thought. I had been reading up on marketing, as that tends to be my weak spot, and the general consensus was that “people relate to people” and that it was better to bring a personal slant to my writing. Eventually I re-wrote, Forgiveness is Power, and told more of my own story in it. As it soon got published (by three different publishers in three different continents) something must be right about the choice to ‘be more personal’.

I learned from this that my tendency to be detached and impersonal does not always serve the work I am trying to do – in helping to empower people – and that it is better that I cultivate a more personal and engaging style.

Now comes the next step. I’ve various book and projects I am working on, some of it additional material on Forgiveness some on other Self Help topics. In order to promote them I need to promote myself too and not hide behind the work I am doing. I am even going to have to put a picture of myself on the banner of my website – horror or horrors – as that is what authors seem to do nowadays. After all, people like to know more about who on Earth it is that is writing this stuff.

A well-meaning friend kindly sent me a cartoon version of my face. “Without the wrinkles”, she cheerfully announced. It’s fun, but it would feel like a cop-out to use that instead of my actual photo. It is going to have to be the real thing – ‘warts and all’. Well, luckily I don’t have warts. But I do have a few moles, so it’s really ‘moles and all’ as I’m not going to ‘fix’ anything in my photos. I have friends on Facebook, and I’ve seen websites of authors, using photos of themselves from decades ago, but I’m determined to resist that and use current photos.

However, I don’t want to go too far with this self-promotion business. I am not keen on authors writing on spiritual matters who claim to be “The world authority on….” or the like, as seems to becoming a bit too common these days. Whatever happened to humility? Doesn’t anybody do that any more? Next thing you know we will have people claiming themselves to be,”The Most Modest Author in the World” and being proud to tell everyone about how they have more humility than anybody else…

Though, to be fair, authors do have to promote themselves these days to even get a book out in the first place. Modern publishers expect authors ‘to have a network’, by which they mean Facebook and Twitter followers, an email list, Pinterest boards etc… The only way to get such a network is to get into promotion – which for an author means self-promotion.

This means I need to do likewise. I don’t want the good stuff I am trying to share to suffer because of a lack of boldness and courage on my part. So no wimping out for me – I need to promote myself so I can promote the work I do.

By the way I tend to use my full name since I discovered that it is unique on Google. I don’t want some other William Martin to get the blame for anything I do, so I will stick with “William Fergus Martin” as there does not seem to be another one of them around.

Now, let’s get to it – at last. How about this for an “About”?

William Fergus Martin is an author…. Oh, wait a minute… Lets make that “International Author”. I like the word “International”. It sounds impressive (Don’t you think?) but not too over the top (I hope). It even happens to be true since Forgiveness is Power is published in India and Taiwan (and now published in Mainland China too) as well as in the West, so it actually is international.

As for my concern about becoming too egotistical…. Well… As I sometimes like to say, “It’s only your ego that is worried about you being too egotistical.”

So now we have….Trumpet blast… Toot!… A toot!….A tooooo!


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